7 mini essays, or short essays from Homer to Hume, philosophy homework help

7 mini essays, or short essays (300 to 500 words EACH), from Homer to Hume, Chapters 3 through 9, inclusive.

 They must be dialectically- (critical thinking) based upon a 4-analytic-item-format, 4AIF (at least one clear paragraph EACH). Thus, please READ Carefully and Patiently:

Summary of one (1) or two (2) key concepts/laws/methods, freely selected, by you, in each assigned chapter.

  1. Thoughtful identification of key Pros (strengths) & Cons (weaknesses) of your selected philosophic (philosopher’s) concepts/laws/methods (not the pros and cons of the author of this text, Professor Sarri, remaining errata, if any, in book, its organization, and the like).
  2. Remedy(ies), to the best of your intellectual learning and scientific/moral attitude, to the cons spotted (offer sensible arguments/solutions to the cons).
  3. Linkage(s) of you selected themes, both to your current, or future, career AND your personal enrichment/development.

 Accounts for 33% the total course grade!

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