A final essay that addresses what the professor was trying to convey in the semester’s lectures. This should not be a mere repetition of what the lectures said, nor should it be a collection of class notes from the semester’s lectures. Instead it should be an integrated essay that describes the basic themes, concepts, ideas, etc., that the professor was developing throughout the semester. You should discuss how the various lectures from the beginning, middle, and end of the semester made up a coherent story, and, if you think that the lectures did not make a coherent story over the 14 weeks of the semester, you should provide a discussion of why you came to this conclusion. In brief, your essay should not merely repeat the words of the lectures, but should provide a discussion of the material.

There is no requirement for the length, but I think 9-10 is a must.

There is no powerpoint and book for this course. Only the notes.

I gave you the paper and you edit and polish it, now it is more of information and I wish you can add more your own thoughts into it.


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