Accounting 6355 is the capstone accounting course for all Accounting MBA candidates. The course was created as a vehicle to help you take the knowledge you gained from your other accounting courses and synthesize it into a cohesive overview of accounting. During the semester you have been working alone and with your team on a series of cases that cover a wide range of accounting topics. Your work on these cases should have made you review and apply most of the accounting concepts learned in your undergraduate and graduate classes. Spend some time reflecting on what you have learned through the process of working the cases and working with a team. Think through what you did for each case and how it helped you see, or not see, the broader picture of accounting. Also reflect on how your education prepared or did not prepare you to resolve the issues in the cases discussed in class. Now, based on your reflections, has this class helped you to apply and integrate accounting topics? Has this class helped you with decision making?Do you have any suggestions for this class? Has your accounting education at DBU adequately prepared you? If no, why and how could the accounting program be improved? Did you encounter an integration of faith and learning? How so? How could that integration be better? In addition, do you have any comments about the accounting program at DBU? What are the program’s strengths and shortcomings? Do you have any suggestions?


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