As a professional involved with the evaluation of crime scenes, your court testimony is vital to assuring a fair and accurate trial.

Respond to the following:

  • Suppose you were called to investigate a scene where the GPS was stolen from a high-end SUV. A year later, you are called to present your findings in court as a suspect in the theft is being tried. What would you do to prepare your testimony? Why?
  • Suppose you are a crime lab technician who evaluated DNA samples and then placed them in storage. Eighteen months later, samples from a known suspect in a crime show up as a match. You are now called as a witness with the assumption that your testimony will help link the suspect to the crime. How will you prepare? What can you do to provide a credible report?
  • Name one or two protocols that criminal investigators follow when testifying in court; for example, not discussing the case in the hallway. Why is this protocol important? How does it help assure credible testimony and a fair trial?

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