Complete Psychology Tasks (ATC LEMANUEL)

Careers in Psychology Essay

One of the best resources on the web is the American Psychological Association’s website which can be found at:

This extensive website has a plethora of information on psychology from the largest professional organization in psychology. Your textbook author discusses 15 areas of study within the field of psychology. This will often pique the interest of the beginning student and often leads to the question, “What career opportunities are there in psychology?” The APA website can help answer this question. Access the website at the above address. Once there, click on the “careers” link. Then you will be able to click on the several different links including brochures. You could go directly to one of the brochures by accessing:

Once you access this site you will see career options listed and short explanations of each. Please select one of the career options that interest you and explain why. You will be using this internet resource and /or Section 1.4 – Careers in Psychology (in your textbook).

Please type your essay in a Word Document (with name, date and CRN at the top of the page). Your essay must be at least 150 words in length and reference the APA website and/or the book . There is no need for a reference page, just reference using the URL at the bottom of your essay.

Your essay will be graded on the following:





50 points

List career choice, explain what you have learned about the career and summarize why the career interests you. You cannot copy the career description word for word. You must put it into your own words.


30 points

Proofread your work. Student will be assessed on spelling errors, incomplete sentences, punctuation errors, word choice, etc.


10 points

Minimum length is 150 words.


10 points

You must reference APA or the book using APA style. There is a link on how to cite using APA in the “Start Here” folder.

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