Healthcare Statics, assignment help

PowerPoint presentation of 6–8 slides
(not including title/reference slides) with speaker notes (min

You were asked to choose a
quality-improvement standard within health care to discuss. This standard could
be related to credentialing, patient safety, utilization management services,
home health care, or long-term care. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of
6–8 slides that will display the following information:

  • Define and explain the quality process you chose.
  • Define descriptive versus inferential
    statistics. If you were to survey your members, describe the form of the 4
    levels of measurement that would be suited for your task (i.e. nominal,
    interval, ordinal, and ratio).
  • Identify the purpose of the measure.
  • Illustrate how patients or members have benefited or
    will benefit from the process.
  • Identify which types of health care organizations are
    impacted by the standard.
  • Based on your knowledge of the standard being
    discussed, provide 1–3 changes that you might recommend. If you do not
    have any recommendations, then provide your reasons for not having a

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