JoURNAL Entries

U1L01J1 – Lesson Journal Entry

Based on your response to the question you answeredRight and wrong directional arrows with feet at the end of notetaking: Why do you think it is beneficial to distinguish between actions that are ethical or unethical? Also give an example to support your reasoning.


Explain what is meant by – The Constitution is theConstitution with American flag greater source of law in our country.


So how did you do in the Knowledge of CourtsCourt room seating activity? Why were some court systems harder to identify or why were the court systems easy for you to identify? Be sure to talk about at least one specific case and identify the case.


Why do you think a criminal case requires proofWarehouse worker with injury beyond a reasonable doubt, but a civil case is based on proof of preponderance of evidence (just need over 50% of the the evidence pointing to one party as guilty.)


Based on the article Forensic Psychology you read andCrime scene tape with evidence gathered information from, answer the following prompt:

Describe the role and importance of a forensic psychologist in determining State of Mind of the defendant.


What is your personal opinion of each of defenses?Woman using self defense Should someone be able to be found not guilty using the defenses? Be sure to respond about each defense.


Based on the statistics you wrote down from theYoung juvenile in hand cuffs Internet Activity, Statistics on Juvenile Delinquents, provide one statistic and state why this was surprising to you. And what is a suggestion you have on how to help reduce the statistic you presented? Be sure to reference content from the lesson in regards to the juvenile trial process and the handling of juvenile delinquents compared to adults.


Based on the Crime Mapping website, which was limited inModern technology news the information provided, describe two other ways technology could be used in either reporting a crime you see or providing the community with information about crimes in area where someone lives.


When do you feel it is appropriate for one person toMother looking over daughters computer invade the privacy of another person? Be sure to give an explanation for why you feel this is appropriate. Provide supporting evidence.


Do you think it is fair that a civil case can be broughtDog bite against you if your dog bites someone? Explain your answer and reference your notes of the legal system..

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