Narrative Essay – A time when a lie had major consequences for you.

Your writing assignment is to tell a story that illustrates or explains some point. Focus on one specific event or incident from your life or use your imagination. Do not try to recount your whole life story, just one moment that was meaningful. Include a thesis statement that specifies the incident and includes an attitude word (examples- instructive, angry, loyal, joyous, foolish, life-changing etc.) or a plan of development (the three ideas that you are going to discuss are a part of your thesis statement). Your conclusion should offer a satisfying end to the narrative and include the lesson learned. Be sure to include a title, not the topic (the items listed below are topics). Your target length is 500 words or more (one page and a half). Make sure the essay is double-spaced and typed in 12 font.

*When you write your narrative, avoid second person
(you, yourself, yours …)

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