please help the last tutor did not do it

Write a biography on Hitler, focusing on what you learned about his life based on some research. What was he like as a child?  What got him involved in politics?  What were some of the atrocities he committed during the Holocaust?  How did he die? What was so important about him? Why is it important for people to know about him? Who was he exactly?  What was life like during this time, for him and everyone else?

This should be a detailed, 5 paragraph biography on Adolf Hilter. This should be done in Microsoft Word.  Be sure to correctly cite all information.

Do not copy and paste information from the web.  If you don’t know how to do this assignment, please see me.  If I read copied biographies, you will not be able to submit this online.  Instead, read about him from your source, and write what you learn without looking at the source; I am not interested in a list of facts from the web.

To help, use these questions as the basis for each paragraph:

1) If you had to summarize what you already know about Hitler, what would you say? 

2) How did his early childhood life affect him?

3) How did he become interested in politics?  How did he rise to power?

4) What were some things he did during the Holocaust? What did he believe about Jewish people?

5) Why should we remember him?  What lesson can we learn?

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