project planning 2

So we see that common sense can be incorporated in different stages from initiation to the point of where technology is incorporated. For those with a stake in the project (the project manager, project team, senior management, the client, and other project stakeholders) have an interest in making the project a success.

I have discussed that project success has four dimensions (after you listen to the Live Chat Session :), which are:

Four Project Dimensions

(1) Project efficiency

(2) Impact on the customer

(3) Business impact on the organization

(4) Opening new opportunities for the future.

While the first two are defined as the project’s direct objectives, the latter two are also specific objectives of the project and are thus direct goals.

Please note that ancillary goals include improving the organization’s project management competency and methods, individuals’ increased managerial experience has been reported as gained through project management, and similar goals.

Since we talked briefly on common sense, let’s look at another ancillary element in project management and that is the Project’s Environment, that is, those things or persons outside the project, and often outside the sponsoring organization, that affect the project or are affected by it.

Why do you think may be some other examples of an ancillary Project Environment? Why would it even be important to consider?

Yes, class, I make some questions tough on purpose, as you are a wise group :).

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