Research a topic which will include a specific mental illness diagnosis. The paper will be presented utilizing the below guidelines. Submit a 4-5 page paperAnything less than 4 full pages of body will result in a loss of percentage points! It isvery important you put your research into your own words (remember the APA paraphrase assignment?).

·The following are a few resources to get you started on this paper: (this is an excellent resource to start) (this appears as the DSM Axis I & II link in your Moodle resources)

oCINAHL Database(in the Hondros Library – this can be used for both Part I & II)

oNIMH (link in your Moodle resources – this can be used for both part I & II)

*Note: If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of resource information (other than the resources provided above), please do not hesitate to ask your instructor.

Part I.

In your own words, research and describe the following:

1.Overview (4 pts)

a.This may include, but is not limited to, its specific category, etiology, causes, who’s at risk, and prevention.

2.Symptoms & Types (4 pts)

a.This may include the symptoms, types (if applicable), complications, and warning signs.

3.Diagnosis (4 pts)

a.This may include the diagnostic process and tests associated with diagnosis.

4.Treatment (4 pts)

a.This may include medications, therapy types, finding help, and other care options.

Part II.

Research: Find one (1) RESEARCH article on treating this disorder. Make sure it is NOT a literature review of previous research, yet a study conducted by the researcher(s) themselves. To research the topic, access a journal through the Hondros Virtual Library (ex: CINAHL, NIMH, etc.). A few things to note:

oThis treatment study may be a drug or a therapy. 

oRead the abstract, introduction, limitations, and discussion sections (continue reading on the next page).

In your own words, research and describe the following:

a.Was this research a “true experiment”, “correlational study”, or a “Case study”. Why? You need to pick one. (1/2 pt)

b.What was the hypothesis? (1/2 pt)

c.Who were the participants? (1/2 pt)

d.What was the research design? How was the experiment conducted? (1/2 pt)

e.What was their conclusion? (1/2 pt)

f.What were the limitations of the study? (1/2 pt)

g.What is your suggestion for future research? Be specific and creative. “Future research should be conducted” will not earn points. (1/2 pt) 

APA formatting guidelines:

A ½ point will be dedicated to your adherence to APA formatting:

Mild noncompliance = – 3%

Severe noncompliance = – 5%

IMPORTANT: You will do well on this paper if you answer all parts to the questions, adhere to APA, and include in text citationsfor anything that you state as “fact”. There is no need to add any further information other than what is requested. You need an APA style title page, abstract, body, and reference page. Refer to the APA resources provided for you to avoid pitfalls of APA. Scientific writing is not wordy and does not use adjectives. Please write your paper following the sequence listed above for ease of grading. The ultimate authority on APA is the text, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, sixth edition


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