Select a current events business article. The article should focus on one of the concepts or terms that we will discuss in each unit. The due dates are listed on the syllabus.


1. Select an article (minimum 500 words)

2. Suggested Sources: Business Week, Newsweek, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.

3. You can use Reader’s Guide (Library), conduct an Internet search, or find an article in a current article periodical. The article must be current (within the last 3 months).

4. Copy the link to the article to your report or attach a copy of the article to the assignment.

5. The report is one page and must be typed.

6. Format the report by typing the question and then your answer.

7. Read the article and answer the following questions.

Questions to be answered:

1. Title and date of the article

2. Source of the Article (Indicate Internet search, Reader’s Guide or from another periodical)

3. Article refers to what key term or concept discussed in class. Define the key term or concept.

4. Main idea of the article. (Please be detailed when answering this question).

5. Major conclusions of the article (Please be detailed when answering this question).

Business Finance

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