Stomach Cancer

he assignment must include the following:

  • the definition, diagnosis and symptoms,
  • possible causes or risk factors,
  • possible treatments of the clinical condition,
  • at least two references.

Comprehensive information on the condition(STOMACH CANCER) you have chosen, including:

The paper has to have the following:

Hard cover (5 points) It does not apply

Title page (5 points)

Index page or table of contents (5 points)

Body of the paper requirements: minimum 5 pages (5 points), double space (5 points)

and font # 12 (5 points)

It has to include: Explain why do you think the topic (STOMACH CANCER) is important and its

relation with the material covered in this course (10 points)

concept: a short paragraph that summarizes the medical condition (10


causes: What are the causes of the medical condition? (10 points)

Symptoms and signs (20 points)

Symptoms: What the patient refers to the Doctor

Signs: What the Doctor see, measure or listen with instruments and


Treatment (20 points)

Prevention (if it is possible) (5 points)

Hygiene and Diet (5 points)

Symptomatic: to alive the symptoms (5 points)

Specific or curative: What cures the illness for such as Antibiotics,

Antivirals if they apply (be specific with names and doses) and surgical

procedures (5 points)

Bibliography or references page (at least 5 authors) 10 points

Two of the authors must be Medical text books (Harrison’s Principles of

Internal Medicine, 16th edition, and The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and

Therapy, 17th Edition). Student can find the former textbooks at the library.

The Medical books can be a newer edition. You can go to the Center of

Disease Control and Prevention ( for more information.

Wikipedia is not accepted!

Appendix page: It has to includes pictures and/or graphics (10 points)

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