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After reading the materials for week 1, I expect to gain valuable information such as the importance of good management in an organization. In the last years, companies have invested in training their employees at all level of management and they are aware that great managing can boost morale and improve the company’s productivity. I expect this class to be interesting and engaging for the next several weeks.

As technology gets better, organizations will need to implement new systems and train employees. Managers agree that introducing new technology to people that are not computer-savvy or who oppose to new things is not easy. Therefore, Supervisors must know how to implement, train and help employees to adopt a new technology in their workplace. According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human resources Management, executives such as Michael C. Mankins, a partner in Bain Company advise leaders to demonstrate how the new technology offers economic and rational benefits for the organization and the individual. Another challenge that organizations are facing is attracting and retaining qualified talent. Organizations are unable to achieve their goals without experienced employees (Knight, 2015). As for the future of management, leader must know how to create an environment where self-discipline can be practiced. Additionally, managers must be able to create a high-trust culture within the workplace. In the last years, many organizations have failed to establish a culture of clear and transparent work. Surveys have shown that bad management decreases the employee morale. Mishandled employees may stop caring about how well they perform and are more likely to apply to other jobs (SHRM, 2015).

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In this course, I expect to acquire information that will prepare me for a management position. Once I finish this course, I would like to have the necessary knowledge to ensure productivity for the organization and to carry out the mission. I would like to be aware of the competition, stay modernized on new technology and have a positive influence over my employees. Learning how organizations overcame certain challenges is essential to future management.

In my opinion, future management should stay advanced on how to be an influential leader in the organization and to their employees. Providing leadership courses for management would be beneficial to the organization because any manager who doesn’t possess the leadership qualities will have opportunity to gain from the courses.

A new school of management should possess the qualities of communication, motivation and recognition. Communication with your employees is vital to the workplace because it establishes a mutual understanding. Motivating your employees and recognizing hard work increases the moral and productivity of the workplace. Employees should feel comfortable yet still respectful to communicate with their management. People in management positions who possess these qualities along with hard work and dedication to the organization are the ideal manager.The Scientific Management school founder Fredrick Taylor sought the greatest way to enhance productivity. Frank points out that, in his testimony, Taylor clearly sided with the employee position and expressed his belief that any earnings resulting from increased efficiency and productivity should be shared with the worker (Frank, 2005, p. 45). This is an example of reward power.


Frank, M.S. (2005). The History of American Management Thought: A Perspective and Analysis. Mann, C.J. & Gotz, K. (Eds.), the development of management theory and practice in the United States. 3RD Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom.

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