This is an overview rubric is attached please FOLLOW Rubric exactly. ALL attachments are need to complete assignment please look at all attachment before starting.

Note, Class, that there are two parts to this paper— Part 1, your Introduction and Behavioral Matrix, and Part 2, a three-paragraph essay addressing your integrated perspectives of the process, and a Conclusion. Each of your paragraphs will consist of a minimum of six to eight well-developed sentences. Both Parts 1 and 2 will constitute a single document. You might use as title and running head, “Developing a Behavioral Matrix”. For this Assignment, you will have a Title Page, then an Introduction, then your Matrix Chart will follow (the green highlighted headings of your Template below are the headings for each cell within your chart), then you will follow with the three discussion sections (with the designated green highlighted headings), and last—your Conclusion.

Organization of Your Document

Title Page
Part 1: Final Integration and Representation of the Behavioral Matrix

Introductory Paragraph

Matrix Chart

Part 2: Summary of the Development of the Behavioral Matrix

Body of Discussion—Three Paragraphs Conclusion Paragraph


use the Template below to develop your Behavioral Matrix—

Option A: I want to develop my Behavioral Matrix utilizing the data of the provided 4th grade sample: This option is good for non-classroom based educators, or teachers who prefer starting this assignment with a dataset. Input into the matrix below all “X”-marked behaviors and corrective responses identified by the 4th grade teachers of the “Data Analysis Packet.” Researching the literature will help you identify other behaviors and corrective responses you deem appropriate for the 4th grade.

Three Provided Documents This Week to Assist Completion of Your Behavioral Matrix:

Option A: Data Analysis Packet: This packet entitled “Data Analysis Packet”

provides mock data for 4th grade students in four sets of Behavioral Matrix Summary Worksheets. These four Summary Worksheets represent the perspectives of four different teachers on expected classroom behaviors of their 4th grade students and planned corrective responses these teachers and the school, as a whole, will take with respect to those behaviors. Note that some behaviors and corrective responses have been marked with an “X” (hypothetically by the four separate teachers). These are the specific behaviors and corrective responses each teacher feels are most relevant to their own classroom setting. As you’ll note, this article includes:

a. Lists of potential behaviors and corrective responses;
b. Tally sheets used by individual teachers of separate classrooms to combine and total theseexpected behaviors, and corrective responses across teachers, departments, etc. These might all be utilized to form a single Behavioral Matrix—one that serves as common standards of behavior for the 4th grade level of a school.

For All Students Selecting Either Option A or B: The Behavioral Matrix Packet for Module 3 Assignment:

This article entitled “Developing and Implementing the Behavioral Matrix: The Basic Behavioral Matrix Forms” is essential for all of us (all grade levels); you’ll need to read it very carefully. It is essential to your understanding of the theory behind and the process for preparing a Behavioral Matrix. To explain briefly, a single teacher can create a Behavioral Matrix applicable to their own classroom. But we can integrate the behaviors or the Matrixes of several individual teachers across a grade level, department or school, and then that Matrix can become the standard for student behavior across that grade level, department or school. Your Matrix becomes the behavioral equivalent of a state or school district’s curricular standards; this is the Behavioral Matrix you are preparing for the 4th grade class, Option A) for our assignment.

Can you see how these behaviors and corrective responses can be aggregated into a set of common standards for behavior relevant to any targeted group of students? Perhaps even school-wide standards? What does this say about your ability to maintain consistency of responses to specific student behaviors?

For All Students Selecting Either Option A or B: Template Toward Optimal Performance: This is the document you are now reading; it will guide the formatting and content of your entire Module 3 Written Assignment document submission—

PART 1: “Final Integration and Representation of the Behavioral Matrix” and

PART 2: “Summary of the Development of the Behavioral Matrix”


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