What was life like for children during the Renaissance?, assignment help

SSIGNMENT: In a yesterday’s lesson, your were assigned to research one of the topics below. In your own words, tell us two or three of the most important or interesting things you learned about your topic. See Course Calendar for due date. Please post your observations and — please ask a question of or comment to two other learners regarding his or her response (and please respond to those questions asked of you as you would do in a face-to-face classroom discussion).

  • What was life like for children during the Renaissance? What type of education did children (even Shakespeare as a child) experience?
  • What type of hygiene was practiced during the Renaissance? What was the plague? How serious a threat was the plague to people in the Renaissance?
  • What was daily life like for people in the Renaissance? What type of clothing did the people wear? What type of entertainment did they enjoy?
  • What was a trade guild? What was an apprenticeship? What was it like for an Elizabethan child or teenager to become an apprentice?
  • What types of laws governed the people of the Renaissance? What types of punishments could they expect? What Elizabethan laws had relevance to the theater and actors?

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