Objective: To exhibit an understanding of implementing change through organizational development

This is a lengthy assignment as it fulfills most of our learning objectives for the week; it is probably best to read through all of the requirements first to better gauge the length and direction of each section.

  1. Think of your current work situation – if you are not currently working, interning, or volunteering in a work environment, use a situation from a past school or work experience. Determine a something that is viewed as a problem by the employees (or students).
  2. In place of this problem, what do you believe the ideal situation looks like?
  3. Describe the favorable forces for change, those that would lead to your ideal situation (this can be done with bullet points with brief descriptions).
  4. Describe the forces against change, those that could prevent your ideal situation (this can be done with bullet points with brief descriptions).
  5. For the forces you listed in steps 3 and 4, evaluate each one in terms of importance to the situation. Rate each force on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being extremely weak, and 10 being extremely strong (a chart/table is a good format for this).
  6. Take the most important forces identified in step 5, and construct a figure similar to 14-2.
  7. Looking at your figure, which side has the strongest forces? What does this suggest about the likelihood of change in this situation?
  8. Now assume you are tasked with making a change. Choose at least one strategy for each intervention category (Human Process-Based, Techno-Structural, Sociotechnical Systems, Organizational Transformation) to propose to your organization as a viable change method. Explain the specifics of each intervention as it relates to the situation you have chosen.
  9. For each intervention, describe your role as the HRD practitioner.
  10. Referring to the Planned Change Model, regardless of which intervention method is used, what type of cognitive change would be the desired outcome for this HRD program? Briefly explain.
  11. Upon completion of your own work, visit at least one other classmate’s blog post for this assignment and provide feedback.

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