Project – You must pick an article, Go onto, writing homework help

Project – You must pick an article. Go onto; click on menu; go to Lead and pick 1 of the following categories: Lead, Productivity, Hiring, HR/Benefits or Company Culture. Then check out the many articles and chose 1 that you may like to write about and use for your oral presentation. Make sure you print them out as these articles change and may be hard to find when you decide to work on it. Your project must have a cover page and a works cited page (with your article and at least one other source of research), The paper needs to follow MLA format and have an introduction, body (where all your detailed discussion and research is, and a summary/conclusion.

I have already picked the article from Also, please be sure to have a 3 part thesis statement.

Here is the link for the article from

10 Ways You’re Blowing A Job Interview, and How to Fix

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