Thesis Statement

As you gather and read through your project sources, you should begin building your outline. This week, you are required to submit a substantive outline with your thesis statement and your potential arguments/discussions. This outline should not be a rough draft. It should be at least 2 pages, written in substantive, sentence-format, showing a clear road map of the research you found and how it supports the recommendation you are proposing to resolve the major problem(s) that you identified. It must include at least half of the content for final draft and substantive research materials with at least 5 credible and scholarly sources. Include APA citations for any resources used as references.

Here are the five basic requirements for a thesis statement:

1. It states the topic of the research paper, the main idea.
2. It shows the purpose of your essay; in this case, to persuade your readers that your point is valid and deserves serious consideration.
3. It shows the direction which your argument will pro-ceed. A good thesis statement implies (or states) the order in which your ideas will be presented.
4. It is written in focused, specific language.
5. It is interesting, showing a clear voice and style.

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