Week 1 Discussion 2

” Strategic Pricing” Please respond to the following:

  • Select a company that you are familiar with or interested in. Use the Internet and/or Strayer Library to find that company’s pricing strategy.
    • Briefly summarize the pricing strategy of the company you researched.

  • Sporn
    RE: Week 1 Discussion 2
    Good Day Class, Professor,My company of choice is the current company I work for. Our pricing is value based. As we know, there are many different hotel brands that accommodate different markets from select service, to full service. Our pricing for our wifi and phone services depend on the service type of the property. Our pricing is also scaled to the room count of the properties. For example, for a select service property (50 rooms max) we charge $1.25 per room to accommodate their needs and budget. For a full-service property, (50+ rooms) we charge $2.00 per room. Another factor of our pricing depends on the amenities that the properties offer to their customers.
    Thank you,

Business Finance

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