Writing about King Fahd University Hospital

King Fahd University Hospital is a large healthcare provider with multiple complex, legacy IT systems, including 30-50 different instances of expensive mainframes plus a diverse ecosystem of smaller applications built on multiple platforms, architectures, and technologies.

The hospital would like to integrate their data on patients and employees and ensure smooth interoperability among different applications.

You should design and enterprise architecture using the TOGAF framework and show the AS-IS and TO-Be state.

The scope of the project should focus mainly on addressing the deployment of the new data solutions.

Your solution should also address risk management and business continuity involved with migrating to the new data systems.

Use dummy figures and applications where you think necessary to create a realistic scenario.

Report Structure:

  • 15 to 20 pages
  • Font size: 12 for all the text, Bold for the titles.
  • Font name: Types new Romance.
  • Line and paragraph spacing: “1.5”

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