1 page paper on a research article

Due April 21 9am Chicago time (central daylight time)


  • 1 page paper on the research article (attached).
  • Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins in academic paper format (i.e., Questions 2-6 should bewritten in essay format and the citation should be at the top of the paper.). Do NOT submit adocument with numbered answers.
  • Your paper must include (unless otherwise noted on Blackboard for the reading):
    1. Give a full citation for the article using APA format (see APA examples on Blackboard) at thetop of the paper.
    2. Begin your paper here with an introduction. Clearly state and explain the hypothesis, research question(s), or thesis that drive the author’s study. In other words, what communication aspects does the author deal with.
    3. Comment on your evaluation of the article. That is to say, what did you like about the author’s research and analysis, and why? How does their work fit into and contribute to communication studies?
    4. Conclude with additional information you would like on the topic or specific study. What are some questions (minimum of two) you would like to ask the author in their presentation?
    5. define how the authors use each of the keywords (Human Augmentics, Human-Machine Communication, Human-Computer Interaction, Agency, Sense of Agency).

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