Childhood obesity prevention in the US Government

My topic is: “Should U.S. governments prioritize reducing childhood obesity?”


This paper will help you go deeper into your research topic before you start writing about it. This information will also be helpful when you write your research paper and need background information about your topic in your introductory paragraph. The quotes in the discussion board this week are to stimulate thought about getting to know your topic well before making any judgements or conclusions. This paper supports that process.

Skills and Knowledge Needed

  • an understanding of a “TeEA” structured body paragraph
  • a basic understanding of the purpose and format of an APA reference page
  • research skills for finding at least three articles in the Knight Library database or credible articles online
  • the student’s best effort in appropriate sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar
  • an understanding of the guidelines of this assignment


  • Write a paper outlining any relevant background or history for your approved topic.
  • Your introductory paragraph can be brief. In this paragraph, introduce your topic and why you are interested in researching it. This is the only information I am looking for in your introductory paragraph.
  • Body paragraphs should have clear topic sentences that introduce the reader to the main idea of that paragraph.
  • Your body paragraphs should have a “TeEA” structure with evidence found from researched articles in the Knight Library database or an online article you deem as credible.
  • You don’t need a concluding paragraph.
  • You must have an APA reference page of at least three academic sources.
  • You must add an analysis of the three references used. Please look at the “Student Research Topic History and Background Example” for an explanation and example of this.
  • You must have a title page with your personal information (name, class, assignment name). The title of this paper should be your approved topic.
  • Around 500 words
  • Upload a Word document to Canvas by Sunday, January 20, by 11:59 p.m.

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