Final Paper

The final project report will be due near the end of the semester (consult course schedule in Syllabus and posted to course web site). The written report is worth 100 grading points. The final project paper should consist of the following sections:

  • Executive Summary: An Executive Summary stating summary background on the company, the benchmark areas you studied and your overview of the findings, along with the student’s “expert” perspective on where this puts the firm in regard to ethics, ethical leadership and corporate social responsibility. In addition, a long paragraph on the weakest findings and the student’s recommendations for improvement. This section should be no longer than 2 pages and must be able to “stand alone”, as it will be the basis for an end of the semester Discussion Forum.
  • Recommendations for Improvements: Choose three of the company’s lowest scoring categories and for each, make specific recommendations for changes in programs or practices. Explain how implementation of your recommended changes will positively impact the firm. Recommendations should be based on best practices learned through readings this semester. Each of the three recommendations sections should be 1-2 pages in length, clearly explaining what the new programs/policies you recommend are, why, and the impact they should have.
  • Appendix with the 6 completed section of Optimal Ethics Benchmarking Tool: This section should contain the complete Tool for six sections of your choosing and the company’s rating on the components. A full reference list noting where the information was obtained to support your determination should either be formatted directly in to the benchmarking tool OR included in one full list with abbreviated citations (author, date or URL) directly with the benchmark item.

(worth 10 grading points)

(each recommendations section is worth 10 grading points; total of 30 points)

For each of the six sections you choose to report on there are 10 points possible, based on strength and comprehensiveness of evaluation and use of multiple credible sources (worth 60 grading points).


  • Cover page with Name, Name of company, Project title, MGMT 5307, and term
  • 12 point font, single-spaced paragraphs with double spacing in between, clear section headings, pages numbered in bottom footer
  • Fully proofread, business professional caliber language
  • Document file name should be lastname_company name_5307ethics_project.(doc, docx or pdf). Submit as a file attachment to the assignments link within the Canvas course web site

My Company is the WEINSTEIN Company


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