For each essay question, a minimum of 200 words is needed, with a maximum of 250 words each. Must be in APA format, and all references must be cited at the end of each essay.

1.  Compare and contrast types of amateur sports with types of professional sports.

2.  Explain the difference between commercial and on-site food-service facilities.

3.  Looking to the future, choose the best organization structure for a theme park, a 50-room resort, a mid-priced Italian restaurant, an economy 100-room hotel, and a 3000-room casino hotel. Explain why the chosen structure is the most appropriate for each of those hospitality operations.

4.  Complete the Leadership Style Survey at: Tabulate your score related to your leadership style and answer the following questions. 
a. What was your dominant leadership style according to this survey? 
b. Describe this leadership style and how it relates to how you function in your work, school, and/or home environments. 
c. How does this leadership survey address the basic leadership traits and management characteristics as outlined in your book?

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