1. Go to Google and do a search for “Drew Peterson”. You will most likely find video artifacts and articles about the court decision. Read up on all the specifics involved in the case. There are also some resources provided for you in the module materials to get you started. Please feel free to find any additional resources on your own.
  2. Review a court docket from the case.
  3. First, describe why this document is important for the accused.
  4. Then, identify the steps in the legal system as they pertain to the case of Drew Peterson including, but not limited to the type of arrest and charges, and the challenges that were faced by the prosecutors. Be as detailed as possible.
  5. Examine the different types of evidence presented to the courts, as well as how they were discovered and obtained. What evidence eventually led to a conviction? How was the exclusionary rule used during the trial and what was the end result? Provided your answers to these questions.
  6. Describe the civil liberty issues that could arise.
  7. After reading and analyzing the case, do you believe Drew Peterson is guilty and his sentence justified? Write your opinion on the judge’s decision on the case.
  8. Create a timeline visual that illustrates the process of the court system from the perspective of the accused. Specifically, create points on the timeline that show Drew Peterson’s journey through the court system. The timeline should illustrate the essential points that someone who is accused will face when dealing with the court system.
  9. Turn in your completed court docket to the drop box for instructor feedback.


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