Homework #1 Professional Licensure and Goals

Complete Homework #1 Professional Licensure and Goals (Links to an external site.). The homework assignment is shown below and is also available in the linked Word document. The assignment should be submitted on-line as a Word document by the start of class on Monday Jan. 27. Keep in mind that you are also expected to read of the ASCE Code of Ethics (available in the Canvas Course Materials Module under Lecture #1) and to form your 4 member team for the Contemporary Issues presentations by the start of class on Monday Jan. 27.

The purpose of this homework assignment is to get you, as an almost young professional, to think about your professional and other goals and what it will take to achieve them. I have attached links to documents you will need to review to complete the homework assignment.

  1. Write realistic goals for yourself for 2 and 10 years from now in each of the following areas and identify one specific thing you can do within the next year to help you to start accomplishing that goal:
  • a. Position or function (for example: design engineer, project engineer, project manager, engineering manager, engineering principal, business owner, instructor/professor, etc.)
  • b. Field of practice (for example: Highways, Transportation, Structures, Geotechnical, Environmental, Water Resources, Construction, Sales, etc. – or maybe you want to move out of Civil Engineering into another field altogether)
  • c. Other professional accomplishments (for example: start your own business, hold elective office, participate in professional or community organizations, publish or present a paper, earn your master’s or PhD, travel, etc.)

Read Pennsylvania’s requirements for professional licensure and continuing eduction requirements (links are given below) , then answer questions 2-5.

2. Fully describe the process to become a licensed professional.

3. What is Pennsylvania’s continuing education requirement in hours/year?

4. List 3 types of activities that may be used to satisfy a professional development hour (PDH).

5. Write a brief paragraph explaining why continuing education is important to the engineering community and the general public

Requirements for Professional Licensure: PA (Links to an external site.)

Continuing Education Requirements: PA (Links to an external site.)

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