In order to receive full points for this rough draft assignment, you must submit a minimum of 1,000 words, not including the Works Cited page. Since this assignment is credit/no-credit, there will not be a grading rubric used. Students will earn points based on whether they met the minimum word count. However, please submit a draft even if you are not finished for partial points. Note that I will not be marking grammar or looking at the “small stuff” for this rough draft. I also want this feedback to be focused and based on your questions/concerns.Therefore, when you upload this file, you will include 2-3 questions/concerns you have about your draft in the “Submission Comments” section of the submission area, and when I provide feedback, I will only be addressing these questions/concerns. I also highly recommend that you call/visit during office hours or set up an online appointment via Zoom if you would like more substantial feedback on your draft.

Please review the Research Paper Guidelines before submitting your rough draft.

i included samples too so you can look at them and have an idea

and the topic is  Technology and Addiction


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