It is a paper, and I will give all the notes for how it can be done


Synthesize the arguments that other authors make to reconcile those arguments and present your own perspective.


Use the readings and supporting videos to develop your own perspective. Part of your task is to reconcile the differences in those arguments or to explain why one argument prevails over another.
You can use any other evidence from the readings or elsewhere as long as you properly identify the source of that evidence in your essay.



Cite to at least two sources in your essay. You can use outside research in addition to those I provided you.


More than 4 errors in the fundamentals of writing (grammar, punctuation, word usage, and mechanics) will result in 0 as a grade. I will mark the first 5 errors that I notice with the teardrop shape. You may RESUBMIT your essay as many times as you need to eliminate basic errors.


No more than 2 typed pages, double spaced

Include a Works Cited page as a third page using MLA citation format.

[Note: Do not put your name on the paper, course information, date. That information shows up on Canvas. Just start the essay with the first line.]


Online Sunday, March 1, 2020 @ 11:59 p.m.


25 points

Further explanation about the assignment

The primary purpose of your essay is not to argue whether you agree or disagree with the authors, but to show that you understand the arguments made in the readings by developing your own argument about future of work based on a synthesis of the readings.

Additionally, you take on the role of a futurist ( “one who studies and predicts the future especially on the basis of current trends” Merriam-Webster Dictionary, online) by examining how work, employment, or careers in the future will be different than our current experience.

I’d like you to develop a perspective/argument that is unique in the sense that your argument departs from what is usual or to be expected. The readings explain to you what has been said about this subject. Your goal is to identify and develop a thesis that brings the resources provided together (reconciles them) and that would would make people think, “I never thought of it that way.”

Of course, you are not developing a entire explanation about the future of work; my suggestion is that you focus on one aspect of that issue.

You want to present your perspective/argument (or thesis) in the opening paragraph of your essay. Since you have just two pages, you are explaining the structure of that argument and likely how you would go about proving your perspective/argument. The purpose of this essay is for you to briefly explain that perspective/argument in the nature of a topic proposal.

Don’t forget that when discussing articles or other resources, refer to the author by name or designation as author, not to “the article” or to the title of the article.


there is also a video that could help.

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