Nicholas Trist  

Winfield Scott  

Kansas Nebraska Act  

Fugitive slave act  

Harriet Tubman

Frederick Douglass  

John Brown

Abraham Lincoln 

James Polk

Nat Turner

secession of 1860  

agrarian vs. industrial Bull Run, 

Jefferson Davis

Robert E. Lee

Anaconda plan  

Emancipation Proclamation 

Gettysburg Address
war of attrition  

Vicksburg  Gen.

Wm. Sherman

Outline the following study questions

1.  Why was compromise no longer possible in 1860 compared to earlier compromises to postpone secession?
2.  How did this use of nullification compare to previous examples in US History?
3.  How did the changing economy through industrialization and global trade change the political and social agenda in the US?
4.  Why were abolitionists not more successful?  What changed American opinions in the 19th century regarding slavery?
5.  How did Manifest Destiny shape American political and economic actions between 1840-1865?


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