Organizational Culture Discussion Board

Conduct an Internet search using the keywords “corporate culture” and look for organizations that have reference to this on their website. Find TWO organizations that present the corporate culture statements of business firms. (Not every site that lists corporate culture will be appropriate) Compare the two websites in your post.

What are the common themes? What kinds of values do the companies seem to encourage? Are there any references to post-bureaucratic operation? How might the espoused values promote organizational success?

After answering the above questions for both sites, address the following in reference to ONE of your websites: How does your organization reach decisions, exert influence over its employees, integrate, disseminate information, perform assessments and encourage human interaction? All of these are related to the elements of post-bureaucratic organizations.

You may very well have to do more research on your organizations. Be sure to properly cite any material you use in this posting. This includes any material from your website/s.


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