psychology diagnosis of movie character , psychology homework help

not more than 3 pages. APA formatting

Your justification for the diagnosis you reached is one of the most important part.

illustrate diagnostic criteria

how this character came to develop this particular mental health disorder (could be just a theory from imagination)

A Beautiful Mind —— John Nash

A Streetcar Named Desire —— Blanche DuBois

Amadeus —— Antonio Salieri

As Good as it Gets —— Melvin Udall

The Aviator —— Howard Hughes

Black Swan —— Nina Sayers

Fatal Attraction —— Alex Forrest

Fight Club —— Ed Norton’s character (unnamed)

Gia —— Gia Marie Carangi

Girl Interrupted —— Lisa or Susanna

Good Will Hunting —— Will Hunting

The Hours —— Virginia Woolf

Mr. Jones —— Mr. Jones

Psycho —— Norman Bates

Requiem for a Dream —— Harry Goldfarb

Silence of the Lambs —— Hannibal Lecter

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