Read the requirement carefully. Revise the sequence analysis. I found another tutor before and she already finish this paper, but she did not provide the frame she chose to analyze. So you should provide the 4 screen grabs in this paper and analyze.

The assigned sequence is taken from Painted Skin II: The resurrection. The sequence starts at 1:27:13 and ends at 1:28:16.

The assigned sequence shows Xiao Wei and Princess Jing exchanging their bodies. The director uses photography and editing to convey the two women’s emotions and reactions. Describe these elements and explain how select visual elements contribute to understanding the situation.

Start by making 4 screen grabs (frames), representing different shots or elements in a dynamic mise-en-scene. Identify the visual elements relevant to your analysis in each frame. Explain how the choice of these elements changes the tenor of the shot and convey themes central to the film Painted Skin II in general.

You may refer to mise-en-scene, but you are specifically asked to pay attention to camera movement and/or editing.

The essay should be 850-1,000 words long (include the final word count at the top of the essay). The format should be in Times New Roman font, 12 point size.



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