1. You will spend the first 5 minutes of your presentation time presenting an argument on the week’s assigned reading. This argument must:

  • Begin with a three-part thesis statement that presents a clear argument
  • Support the thesis statement’s argument with a close-reading of the text that includes: 1. citing and analyzing key passages and arguments 2. covering a number of historical documents and supporting evidence 3. offering a range of ideas and insights
  • Serve as a gateway to the class discussion by formulating at least three clear discussion questions the end

The first part of your presentation constitutes half (50%) the presentation grade.

2. For the second part of your presentation, you will lead a class discussion of your assigned reading for 10 minutes, and you will be graded on:

  • Your ability to encourage other students to engage with the week’s readings
  • The questions you have prepared to stir up and focus discussion/relate it to your thesis statement
  • The degree to which your mastery of the week’s readings influences the depth and breadth of the conversation

3. You must submit a copy of your thesis statement to this page 2 hours before the presentation date and time.

The reading is attached below


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