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The article “The Bigger the Haystack, the Harder the Terrorist Is to Find” was very interesting but left me wanting more information. Overall, I disagree with the statement “Having to monitor every piece of communication will only reduce hopes of preventing future attack” (Rowley, 2014). For several of reasons, I do believe that communication monitoring can do nothing but assist in decoding possible plans it is certainly not doing any damage however, I do understand there needs to be a more automated process of processing the collection of intelligence communications possibly with the help of automated intelligence (AI).

Also, I disagree because I do believe there are more cases or attacks prevented from monitoring communications than this single article leads on. For example, not always reported on the news but terrorists such as Rezwan Ferdaus, and American citizen, was detained before carrying out an attack on the Pentagon and Capitol in 2011 (Finn, 2011). He was ultimately detained by an undercover agent, who used communication interception, who gained details of the attacker and plot. Not to mention some homegrown terrorist attacks are difficult to detect due to the nature of the planning process.

I do believe our nation has made significant progress since the 9/11 terrorists attacks and is something to be proud of. The old saying of hindsight is 20/20, highlighted a lot of our intelligence shortcomings during the tragic attacks. The investigation unfolded several areas in need of improvement. For example, the lack of information sharing among different agencies within the intelligence community as well as security shortfalls within our major transportation hubs such as airports. The Department of Homeland Security enactment assisted with many aspects of improving these shortfalls. As the threat is constantly evolving so are our policies and technologies, however, we as a nation are behind in the technological application of counterterrorism.

Finn, Peter. (Sep 2011). Mass. Man Accused of Plotting to Hit Pentagon and Capitol with Drone Aircraft. The Washington Post. Retrieved from

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Rowley, Coleen. (Nov 2014). The Bigger the Haystack, the Harder the Terrorist is to Find. The Guardian. Retrieved from

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