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Placemaking idea:

Kobe Bryant was a remarkable American basketball player. Bryant started playing basketball when he was a child. He joined the National Basketball Association right after high school at 18 years old and played his entire 20-season professional career in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers.

For this project, we are creating a museum located in downtown Los Angeles, near the Staples Center. The Mamba Museum event will be an exhibition and interactive museum dedicated to Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s Jan. 26 helicopter crash killed the Lakers icon, his daughter Gianna (who was 13 years old), as well as the pilot, and a family of a coach on Bryant’s Mamba Sports Academy basketball team. We look to create a memorable legacy for all these professionals who passed away. The design of the museum will include a section devoted to Gianna, another section to the Lakers, an exhibition of Kobe’s accomplishments and clothing, and much more. We plan to create several different floors representing the different aspects of Kobe’s life.

A comparable placemaking project would be the TAXI development in Denver, CO. This project was started by developers with a vision beyond their specific project. They wanted to impact their neighborhood by building boundary-pushing projects and catalyzing neighborhood organization. They used private progressive master planning to help convince city officials that the project was worth the investment of time and money. This is exactly what our project hopes to do, we hope to unite a neighborhood with a state of the art facility and exhibits that push the envelope on what people thought could be done. Although, the space in downtown LA is expensive and often protected by the city, we believe that with master planning and evidence to suggest that the museum would be a massive hit, city officials would be on our side and willing to take the risk. The TAXI project and the Mamba Museum project are proof that developers are an important part of the community and can have great impacts on cities and neighborhoods with the right projects and support.

Background on Staples Center neighborhood and how Mamba Museum will fit in:

The Staples Center is a world class sports and entertainment venue and the home of four professional sports franchises, the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. In addition, Staples Center has hosted many high-profile events such as, “the 2004, 2011 & 2018 NBA All-Star Games, 2002 & 2017 NHL All-Star Game, 2000 Democratic National Convention” (Staples Center). Besides the professional sporting events, the venue also hosts the annual GRAMMY Awards, live music, and family shows with more than 4 million guests annually (Discover Los Angeles).

Furthermore, according to the LA Business Journal, “The Downtown Center Business Improvement District estimates that in the two decades since Staples Center opened, the facility has had a $32 billion economic impact on the city” (LA Business Journal). Which suggests that the location can have a positive impact on the Mamba Museum in terms of attendance and demand. Staples Center is not the only attraction in the area, the local restaurants and shopping centers also attract business in the area.

This type of attraction would be approached by the private developers as ‘strategic placemaking’. This is the focussing of the creation of a new development on the scale of a neighbourhood or city through a top down’ development approach with a significant level of investment. We are confident that this attraction would not only be accepted in the local neighborhood, as most in the area love and respect Kobe Bryant, but it would be embraced.

What are the placemaking initiatives to be undertaken:


The Gilbert Lindsay Plaza along with the memorabilia that is both bought and donated to the museum. Memorabilia would include: jerseys, shoes, awards, original music records, and press releases.


Inside the museum, most of the space would be dedicated to Kobe Bryant and his greatest moments as a player. Also included in the museum will be some pieces of memorabilia such as shoes and jerseys, a section dedicated to his daughter and her growing basketball career, a section dedicated to the sports foundation that he started, as well as a place for people to donate to both the museum and also the Kobe Bryant Mamba Sports Foundation, and finally a place dedicated to his on and off the court friends and family, such as his championships with Shaquille O’neal, another Laker great. [1]


Kobe’s legacy is one of excellence and professionalism. He has his own shoe and clothing line that we are sure would be willing to sponsor a museum honoring one of basketball’s greatest players. The Anschutz Entertainment Group has control of the Gilbert Lindsey Plaza and has had a harsh track record towards the development of the plaza in the past. However, we are confident that in honor and recognition of how important Kobe was to not only L.A., but the world, they would have few objections to the idea. The Kobe Bryant Mamba Sports Foundation would most likely agree to sponsor this museum seeing that it is honoring its founder. We also believe that the Staples Center and the Los Angeles Lakers would sponsor the museum. All of these stakeholders are high profile and would understand that this museum would be a success because of what Kobe meant to so many people around the world and in L.A.

What are the placemaking outcomes to be assessed[2] ?

Environmental[3] [4]

The museum will abide by strict energy efficiency standards i.e. LEED-certified and running on renewable energy with the exception of natural gas heating. Bathrooms would use water-efficient appliances to minimize cost and waste. The museum will be four floors tall, one being a half-court basketball court so as to not fully take over the Gilbert Lindsay Plaza. There will be a garden rooftop where there aren’t any solar panels to minimize carbon footprint. The remaining section of the plaza will be remodeled to have a brief public exhibition and garden with a sculpture of one of Kobe’s iconic poses. Several benches and trash cans will be provided to keep the area clean from litter and make it a fun and relaxing area to hang out.


The Mamba museum will display its collection of Kobe memorabilia, and design programs for educational and athletic purposes. Mamba museum is a great opportunity for visitors to connect with the world of basketball. Some residents might be upset about losing part of the plaza, but with these changes, it would be a more engaging destination while still keeping public engagement high with those who might not be able to afford to go to the museum.


Mamba museum is dedicated to all Kobe Bryant fans around the world, and will be the only Mamba museum in the United States. In terms of the number of Kobe’s fans globally, the Mamba museum will become one of the latest L.A. signatures. The museum will charge each ticket for 30$ to all adults, but for children, international fans, and Kobe fans who hold 3 or more Laker tickets from past games, will have 50% off.

The museum will also sell all Kobe’s and his daughter Gigi’s merchandise from Nike. All revenues that will be generated from the Mamba museum will go to Kobe’s foundation and his school, Mamba Academy.

These are not activities, but an extension of the assets mentioned previously.

It is absolutely critical to understand what the 3 categories of Outcomes are and appropriately identify real outcomes associated with Environment, Social and Economic. This section does not read like the concepts are well understood.

The category is Environment, of which environmental benefits is an outcome

Be sure to understand what this category comprises – see Chapter 2 of the Valuing Creative Placemaking reading

WORKING IN THIS just you have to fix the the social part only add more info in the the social part only

in your won word

WORKING IN THIS just you have to fix the the social part only add more info in the the social part only

in your won word


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