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I think that people without the capability to create moral decisions should be held to their actions to an extent. I do not think that people who can not tell right from wrong especially when it comes to harming others should be allowed to walk freely in society the same as people with moral capabilities. It would be almost impossible if not useless to try and educate the people committing moral wrongs if they can not distinguish the difference between good and bad. If it is a chemistry or physiology of the brain then as a society we need to accept they are different and need to be treated as so. If someone is found to have committed a crime and does not have the needed moral judgement they should be institutionalized or kept away from society as to not harm anyone else or cause more damage to others. It seems very harsh and sad but this is how serial killers and psychopaths are created, and it is not bettering society by killing others who are contributing and functioning normally in day to day life. It does get a little trickier when talking about teenagers because brain development has not finished, I think if one is under the age for the brain to stop development they should be given a chance and rehabilitation to see if a cure can be reached, if not, the only other option to protect the rest of society is hospitalization or to be institutionalized. This may seem highly costly but I also think this is the best choice morally, versus having the individuals killed. least 100 words reply for this discussion

I am one that firmly believes in cultural relativism, that is respecting and acknowledging other cultures for their traditions and and customs and worth. I think that as long as nobody is being harmed then it is okay to continue these traditions. However the situation here is the KKK having their own culture is centered around the idea of hating and causing pain to all races other than Caucasian. This is not acceptable because people are being hurt both physically and emotionally.

The question asks if the Klan’s values and actions were widely accepted, would that make them morally admirable. The answer is no because people are being hurt and even more so because there are more people involved in this situation. One must look at the bigger picture an consider everyone being affected. The way I see it, if you wouldn’t want to be the person “negatively” affected then why would anyone else want to be that person? They wouldn’t.

Empathy is a basic human sentiment embedded in to us. To feel the pain of others is a privilege that we take for granted, because the book mentions people who don’t have this ability. In this situation empathy still comes in to play where you can feel empathic towards the individual who does not have the privilege.


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