APPLYING ETHICS” Book 11th edition read pages 117-129 & pages 172-174 answer these four (4) four questions write One written page in length on each question.

#1 What aspects of Thompson’s article (included in this anthology) does Manninen find helpful to her goal of highlighting the moral issues in abortion?

#2Many abortion rights activists blame anti-abortion rhetoric for contributing to violence at clinics, even if the rhetoric comes from the peaceful protestors.  The rhetoric they have in mind included calling abortion doctors murderers and comparing abortion to the Nazi holocaust of the Jews. Do you agree?

#3aboration rights activist try to frame the abortion debate as a matter of choice.  Did Greywind have a real choice or was she coerced?

#4Some disability rights advocates are alarmed that it is permissible in this country to abort a child because prenatal testing determines that it will be born with serious physical defects, such as down syndrome.  These advocates believe the practice devalues living persons with those conditions.  Should feminists be alarmed that the sex-selection abortions that terminate female fetuses devalue the status of women in the society


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