Customer Behavior and Loyalty, business and finance homework help

You learned about consumer behavior in this module. An organization
cannot persuade a customer to purchase a product or service without
understanding the basics of “how people buy.”

In a 3-page paper, address these points:

  • Describe why businesses study consumer behavior.
  • Using one past major purchase you have been involved in (for
    example, an appliance, a house or car, or your education), describe the
    process using the five stages that people go through in the buying
  • Explain how the degree of involvement impacts the purchase process
    decision. Include what your degree of involvement was for the product in
    the previous step.

When a customer continually returns to a given company because of
satisfaction, we call that customer loyalty. In your paper, also include
the following:

  • What does customer loyalty mean to you?
  • Compare and contrast customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Think back to your own personal experiences with customer loyalty.
    Explain one situation that really stands out. What makes you loyal to
    that company, product, service, etc.?

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