Define the following medical terms, assignment help

hi my friend I need ur help to answer this q from NASM


Define the following terms (all questions based off of chapter 8):

-Carotid Pulse

-Radial Pulse


-Body composition


What are the four P’s of Marketing?

What is the purpose of the PAR-Q?

Name and explain the two types of blood pressure

Name and explain three objective assessments

What are four things that body composition assessments can be used for?

What are some of the benefits of circumference measurements?

Name the two BMI Formulas


Define the following terms:

-Functional Efficiency

-Altered Neuromuscular Efficiency

-Altered Arthokinematics

-Relative Flexibility

-Knee Valgus

-Kyphotic Curve


-Postural Distortion Patterns

-The three basic distortion patterns

Explain the following:

-Static Postural Assessments

-Movement Assessments

-Performance Assessments

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