In this assignment, you will apply those skills as you attempt to create a website for your fictional presidential candidate. The goal of this website is to present your candidates platform to the nation. Ask yourself these questions. What are the most prominent issues facing the nation? What are the historical platforms of my party? What can I say to appeal to my audience on an emotional level? Make this website as informative as possible so that the other country knows what your candidate plans to do about the issues plaguing this country.

Your presidential candidate based on the following issue:
Immigration Reform
Tell us what your candidate thinks about illegal immigration and what they plan to do to combat this issue.

Each member of your group will be responsible for one section of the website. Each section should be a minimum of 1000 words outlining the specific policy details of that section.

RESEARCH REQUIRED: You will need to include at least 3 outside sources in your speech


1. Does your section show effective use of ethos and logos to show that your candidate has a solid understanding of the issues?

2. Is your justification for your candidate clear, specific, and easily identifiable?

3. Is your style and tone appropriate? Is the essay well written, grammatically and mechanically?

4. Do you show an understanding of paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing?

5. Have you cited sources appropriately using MLA style?

6. Do you show evidence of an effective writing process?


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