ENC 1102 everythings an argument with reading


A)– re: from The Power of Words

This essay focuses on both denotation and connotation (with an emphasis on the effects of connotation). The writers give examples of both euphemism and dictionary definition when examining the language used by the United States government while detaining Japanese Americans during World War II and its aftermath. The essay explores why such language was used and the effects it had on how people thought about the treatment of Japanese Americans.

Use the Summary Table of Accurate Terms on p.674 as a source for denotative terms that can be substituted for the euphemisms used in the source article. Apply the replacement denotative terms to ONE of the sections of the article, replacing the euphemisms used by the government to make the position more palatable to the reader.

WRITE a brief explanation (one paragraph will do) of how the original language did change the impact of the announcement, and how the more accurate term gives a different impact. Include an opinion of why a writer would use euphemisms to influence a reader to accept a position that might be otherwise less acceptable.

Prepare your analysis in proper MLA document format, complete with in text citation as appropriate and Works Cited page.

B) – re: from The Power of Words

Carefully think about the different kinds of arguments and presentations of arguments that we have looked at. Review your notes on Stasis Theory. Consider Aristotelian Rhetoric. Consider the parameters for an Invitational or Rogerian Argument.

Think about the suggested styles offered in question #3 on page 675.

Review the subject article “from The Power of Words” and find which, of any, of these types of arguments are presented. WRITE a full paragraph to state your decision about which argument is presented in this article and your explanation of how you arrived at that selection. Be sure to select evidence from the article to support your claim, with specifics and details. Fully develop your position in a paper not to exceed two pages. Remember to write in academic third person.

Prepare your analysis in an MLA document, complete with in text citations as appropriate and a work cited page.

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