The prompt in this assignment is based on the video or the article. Either may be used for this essay.

In one to two well reasoned, good length paragraph(s), discuss the possible racial discrimination, if any, you find that exists at this school. If you find no discrimination, discuss why you don’t believe there is any. Your discussion must be supported by at least one text reference. A text reference consists of the page number and the edition you used. You may present your opinion but there must be support from the material in this class.

Do not approach this assignment thinking that there is one chapter or page in the text that you can use in your discussion. It is wide opened! If you believe there is discrimination, describe it. But, you describe/discuss it in the context you choose. Is there an ethical issue? Or, maybe a tort or crime? It could possibly be a violation of the Civil Rights Act or the Constitution? It is possible you don’t see anything with the Landrys that raise any issues. Then go with that and, using any legal concept, say why not.

There is no right or wrong answer. Can you follow instructions and use your critical thinking skill to produce a credible answer is the goal:) Again, the text reference must be page and edition of the text.

If you use a resource that is not the text, it will be counted as using no text reference. I urge you not to spend time on outside resources as I do not give any brownie points for extra research. But, kudos for you if you choose to do that.

Paragraph(s) content 5 points

Text reference 1 points (Did I mention page number and edition? Chapter number is not sufficient)

Spelling/grammar 1 points.

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