My name is (blank blank) , I am 34 years old. I’m from (Blank blank) I have a big family in my home. I study my high school in my country and one class I like it Sociology class because it talk about the difference between communities and sociology issues. It opened my eyes to understand and accept different cultures. I learned the differences between the communities. It depends on race, religion, sex & and geographic location.

I grew up with a religious family we take one about each other because of my interest in sociology im the only one to enter the university and want to continue my education. I finished my bachelors degree in social services in 2007.  I had training in a hospital as a social worker for six months with children suffering from cancer and anemia and lack of oxygen to the brain. It was on amazing experience and wonderful practice. Their pain touched my heart with grief and how their families were exhausted with the patients.  I start to make them happy in the hospital. I decided to do a lot of entertainment programs in collaboration with the childrens department. i also communicate with other families with disabled children to share after that I start work in (BLANK HOSPITAL CENTER) as a patient car coordinator for four years. This profession has tought me patience and recognition of helplessness and recognize the reality of disability as well. My boss he had Bachelors social service, so he advised me to get my masters in the United States. He really encouraged me because the university in United States for this major is very helpful. Also I’m interested in social work because studying the lines individuals, groups and communities and improved social work is closely linked to the rest of the other branches of social sciences. Also social work unites with them as a means to improve conditions and (humanitarian situation) as well as to work on changing the chronic problems facing (it and the extent of people dealing with the problems/issues with positivity. Issues include: education, poverty, addiction, criminality, disability, family problems and the most important thing, women s rights.

Also had attended a lot of lectures under the title “ adolescents victims of mistreated and misunderstanding” also “ family violence causes & solutions.’ In this moment I want to help people that cannot help themselves. These women in my country. I believe that women can be leading any where at any time with persistence, determination and cooperation with their community and they must go beyond the obstacles. So I will stand and resist with (blank country) women who are helpless and not able to exercise a normal life because of the customs of others and traditions that are not logical. That is why I want to study social service to serve women. I want to be the one of the women leaders to change delirious, and science is the strongest voice to achieve the impossible and uexpected goals. I want freedom of women for them make their own decision without and injustice and domination. In 2013 I planed to come to the United States. I started to study English language in (BLANK UNIVERSITY . I learned a lot from this institute and it served as my family in America.  There were many activites we did including volunteering. I loved that so much because I am a person who is passionate about volunteering. I aspire to study my masters degree at (UNIVERSITY). I will achieve my ambitions and dreams in the future because (UNIVERSITY) will give me a significant change in my life to improve my social skills and experience to be successful woman.

How are you going to be successful?

Significant change.

I worked hard to get a scholarship from the ministry of higher education in (BLANK COUNTRY) for Social Service.


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