One paragraph about the book

Please create an original post that is ONE solid paragraph, with a clear topic sentence, at least three body sentences, and one or two concluding sentences. Remember that we are practicing paragraph structure as much as we can in this class! Also be sure to look at your own writing for any comma errors. Your weekly discussion grade will now include weight on comma usage, in addition to paragraph structure.

The prompt for the paragraph is: Tell us about the first book you selected and tell us (1) why did you select this book; (2) how is the reading going so far ; and (3) what do you think of the book? Conclude with some general observation about what you expect from this book.

Continue to follow the Class Talk guidelines that were posted in week 1.

To earn full points, you must reply to four other students, writing at least three-sentence replies (your replies don’t need to be complete paragraphs). Also be sure to proofread your work for typos, grammar, and spelling.

Here is the book,

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

There is an example:

“I am reading the book “Inside Out & Back Again” by Thanhha Lai, a story about a young Vietnamese girl who moves to America after the fall of Saigon. The book is written in an interesting way called verse, and the words remind me of poetry with less punctuation and sentence structures. I chose this book because of its Vietnamese background. As an immigrant from Vietnam myself, I can relate to the main character Ha as she travels from her home country, where she knows everything and is smart, to a brand-new foreign country where she cannot even speak the language at first and feels stupid. Her descriptions of the sounds of the neighborhood she grew up in and the tastes of the fresh papayas remind me of my childhood home in Dong Nai. I also enjoy the poem structure of the book as it is the first time I read a story where a single word can mean so much like when the word “stupid” is the last word on the page. I think the book really describes the feelings of Ha, from her sadness at leaving her home to her frustration at learning English. I have also felt the same way when I learned English and thought some grammar was hard to remember. I expect to read more about how Ha begins to live in Alabama and how she deals with the bullies at school. I hope she can find some happiness in her new home and make the best of it just like her mother advises. Even if our journeys to America is not the same, we both experienced similar struggles and immigrated for better opportunities. I want to see how she overcomes her initial struggles and make use of her lessons in my own life.”

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