Please carefully read the following directions.

You are required to answer all of the questions below.

Restate and number the questions. Each question should have at least 5 meaningful sentences that are professionally written.

Part 1

Based on Chapter 1- Search online and review the lecture notes

  1. Definition of Inflation – Price goes up. Explain when prices go up how this can be both good and bad for you personally?
  2. Search online and define Crony capitalism? Give an example of what this is?

Often times the term is used to describe favors that donors get from donating to those who hold political office. Do you believe this is very common here in California?

Part 2


3(a) obstructionist, defensive, proactive, accommodative

3(b) List 3 companies that you think take an obstructionist stance and 2 that take a proactive stance. Feel free to look online.

4(a) Why do we see few companies as proactive?

4 (b) What can we do as consumers to encourage more proactive companies?


Business Finance

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