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Psychologists and counselors are required to follow certain ethical guidelines while working. I am sure you have heard that physicians follow the principle of “Do No Harm.”Psychologists (not only clinicians) and counselors follow this and other similar principles. In the following assignment, you are going to evaluate and detail how the different ethical guidelines from the APA apply to your internship. You will need to use the APA ethical guidelines ( You will need to indicate in detail how the different principles of the document apply to your internship. You do not necessarily need to (but you can) list each point individually that applies; however, you need to make reference to the appropriate numbers or topic (like you would in a paper) as you describe how the principles apply. You have two possible methods to complete the assignment: (1) you can go point-by-point using a bullet system or (2) you can write a narrative; just make sure to reference the appropriate information as you complete the assignment.

i work with community advocates for family and youth and i do analysis work and the name of the community is CAFY

and here is the website in case you need more information :

please stick with the guidelines and do good work because this is my final work

thank you

i want 2 pages

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