Question 1

Answer Question 1 based on ONE (1) of the following research questions:

Research Question 1: Does shared reading in early childhood programmes predict children’s language and literacy development?

Research Question 2: What are early childhood teachers’ attitudes towards STEM education?

(a) Examine the paradigm you hold and the specific research method you have chosen to answer the research question. Explain why your choice of paradigm and method will best answer the research question.

(b) Locate and examine TWO (2) articles that are relevant to the research question. Create a short annotated bibliography for each article that includes the following: the sample size, research setting, participants, methods (data collection and analysis), key findings, and how the results might be relevant to the Singapore context. (15 marks)

(c) Describe how you might use TWO (2) data collection techniques to answer the research question. Explain the strengths and limitations of the techniques.

Question 2

Answer Question 2 based on the following article (GIVEN):

• Yang, W., & Li, H. (2018). A school-based fusion of East and West: A case study of modern curriculum innovations in a Chinese kindergarten. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 50(1), 17-37.

(a) Write a critical analysis of the article. Describe the research problem, research questions, and the type of research design used. Using your study guide and textbook (Mukherji & Albon, 2018), examine the appropriateness of the methods for addressing the research problem, and the quality of the methods and procedures. Also, discuss the extent to which the results support the conclusions as stated by the authors.

(b) Describe and compare the TWO (2) types of qualitative or quantitative research methods you might use to extend and expand on this study’s findings.


Things to note:

PLEASE only accept if you are familiar with Research Methods.

APA Style, 3000 words max

Study guide and textbook given, but you might need to outsource your own sources.


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