Use incremental analysis for special order

Klean Fiber Company is the creator of Y-Go, a technology that weaves silver into its fabrics to kill bacteria and odor on clothing while managing heat. Y-Go has become very popular in undergarments for sports activities. Operating at capacity, the company can produce 1,000,000 Y-Go undergarments a year. The per unit and the total costs for an individual garment when the company operates at full capacity are as follows.

                                                         Per Undergarments                                     Total

Direct materials                                          $2.00                                                 $2,000,000

Direct Labor                                                 0.75                                                       750,000

Variable manufacturing overhead                1.00                                                   1,000,000

Fixed manufacturing overhead                    1.50                                                    1,500,000

Variable selling expenses                            0.25                                                       250,000

Totals                                                         $5.50                                                  $5,500,000

The U.S. Army has approached Klean Fiber and expressed an interest in purchasing 250,000 Y-Go undergarments for soldiers in extremely warm climates. The Army would pay the unit cost for direct materials, direct labor, and variable manufacturing overhead costs. In addition, the Army has agreed to pay an additional $1 per undergarment to cover all other costs and provide a profit. Presently, Klean Fiber is operating at 70% capacity and does not have any other potential buyers for Y-Go. If Klean Fiber accepts the Army’s offer, it will not incur any variable selling expenses related to this order.


Using incremental analysis, determine whether Klean Fiber should accept the Army’s offer.

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