1. Describe the activities associated with incident termination.

2. Describe the transferring responsibilty of the incident scene – compare and contrast two differing events, i.e. only local resources actively involved, multi-state resources involved.

3. Describe how to conduct a debriefing with response and receiving personnel. In addition, describe how, when, and why you would incorporate lessons learned for the next event. Finally, how do you translate the lessons learned into lessons implemented.

Week 8: Terminating the Incident

1. Noll Hazardous Materials Managing the Incident chapter 12

2. NFPA 472 8.5,8.6

3. Stilp & Bevelacqua Emergency Medical Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents chapter 7, App A

4. Using the case study from weeks 5/6, complete the ICS, Intelligence, Briefing, Public Action Messages, Entry and Rehab, and Medical Monitoring/ Surveillance forms necessary to transfer the site responsibility to a clean-up agency and terminate your “Emergency” response. Remember, if not documented, it didn’t happen!

Health Medical

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